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TMGL Night

TAXI roof lights

Our TAXI roof lights with a classic aerodynamic shape and compact design are now known throughout Europe. The utility value of this product is increased by the use of LEDs for backlighting, meaning maintenance-free operation with minimal current consumption.

According to customer requirements, TAXI roof toplights come in various colors and designs – TMGN Color with color backlight, TMGL Accu for cabless usage, bigger TMGN-V or TMGN-VD for Denmark. Or use a custom sticker as a Driving school, Pizza or Courier services.

Advertising roof lights

We produce and sell advertising lights that are placed on the roof of vehicles with a magnetic grip and are characterized by high visibility at night thanks to LED backlighting.

They reach people directly on taxis, corporate and private cars due to their location and movement.

The graphic design of the advertising sticker will make your ad more visible in the busiest  locations in the city, pedestrian zones, at gatherings, airports, hotels, meetings, sports and other events.